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If Someone Really Wants My Home, They Will Do What They Have to, to Get it-Myths While Selling Your San Antonio Texas Home

If Someone Really Wants My Home, They Will Do What They Have to, to Get it-Myths While Selling Your San Antonio Texas Home

These are the words I hear when discussing just why a home didn't sell with an expired listing.  If they want my home, they will do what they have to to get into it.  I am not giving my home away.  

I can see where one could see the logic behind that mentality, IF, they don't Money Houseknow how the San Antonio Texas Real Estate Market works.  And since I do know how the market works, I feel it's my duty to explain to home sellers just what the actual deal is when putting your home on the market and deciding on a price point to sell your home.

First, your home must be priced competitively in today's Real Estate Market to even get looked at.  Well...let me back up a little bit.  Your home may be overpriced and folks may come to look at it, but your home must be priced competitively for a buyer in today's market to even consider putting an offer in on your home.  

Second, even if they LOVE your home and it's the bestest one on the block, if it is overpriced, they ARE NOT going to put an offer in on the home or they are going to offer what they consider market price (and you may think it's a lowball offer) and here is why...

Most buyers need to get a loan to buy a San Antonio Texas area home for sale.  The lender is going to require them to get what's called an appraisal.  The appraiser is going to look at all of the comparables to your home that have sold in the past few months and come up with a price determination.  If that price determination is lower than the offer price the lender is going to ONLY lend them the money that the home is appraised for.  If the buyer still wants to pursue the home, they will be required to pay the additional expense out of pocket.

You might be thinking at this point about your first sentence..well...if they really want let's think about this for a minute...would you pay extra for something if you thought it wasn't worth it?  No you wouldn't and neither would that buyer.  That buyer is going to counter you to come down to the price of the appraiser and that appraisal is good for 6 months.  

Well, what if they are offering Cash and don't need an appraisal?  Good point; however, your buying pool goes waaayyy down as there are not many buyers paying that much cash for a San Antonio Texas home for sale.  And, most buyers who pay cash for a home, pay way less than offering price because they can generally provide a quick closing and the least amount of hassle.  To tell you the truth, I have not seen one cash buyer offer list price with no terms.  That's not to say they're not out there, but they are few and far between.  Again, cash buyers should know the market as well and will still not pay above market price to get into a home.  

Buyers who are represented with a good San Antonio Texas buyers agent are going to be apprised of the comparables in your neighborhood when they are ready to put in an offer on a home.  When you get ready to sell your home in San Antonio Texas, you should receive a comparable market analysis that discusses a price range that you should consider pricing your home at.  Want a quick sale?  Price the home lower.  Don't mind if it sits on the market a little longer?  Go ahead and price it a little higher.  However, those price ranges STILL need to be within market value.  

It doesn't matter how much a buyer may want your home.  No buyer is going to overpay for a home when they can get another one at a much better price. 


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