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How to Sell Your Home in San Antonio, Texas

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How to Sell Your Home in San Antonio, TX....

Single family homes across San Antonio, TX had approximately 1,612 sales in May of this year.  The average price of the homes were $185,116 and the average median price was $152,200.  I am telling you these numbers, (of which I got fromt the San Antonio Board of Realtors statistics), to let you know that this is a decrease from last year.  Not a Huge decrease, but a decrease none-the-less.  

So...what happened to all the homes sales in San Antonio?  The main issues you have already heard about, which is that we are feeling the fall out from the predatory lending practices a few years ago.  That on top of our failing economy has led to the real estate market incurring somewhat of a slowdown.  We have all heard the horror stories of sellers having to foreclose and or resort to a short sale.  And, although the rest of the United States is probably feeling the fall out worse than San Antonio, we have our share here as well.  

Another issue that we don't talk about much in San Antonio is the huge military presence here in San Antonio, TX.   As a former Army Medic for 21 years, I know as well as anyone that we military tend to move A LOT.  And sometimes, we don't get a whole heck o f a lot of notice either.  That can sometimes leave us in a bind when we need to sell our home and do it quickly.  With four military bases and two major Army and Airforce Medical Centers, there are LOTS of people coming and going here in San Antonio, TX.  That being said, there is LOTS of homes that need SOLD and lots of buyers that need a home.  So...on to the topic, How to Sell Your Home in San Antonio, TX.  

Generally, there are five areas that I like to focus on when I talk about selling homes.

1. Location
2. Pricing
3. Timing
4. Opportunity
5. Seller Participation

The first area we will discuss is Location.  People want to buy homes in desirable areas in San Antonio, TX, such as Universal City, TX which is conveniently located near Randolph Air Force Base; Alamo Heights, TX, which is crazy close to FT Sam Houston, TX; The Stone Oaks area because of the many gated communities, shopping and schools and the Thousand Oaks area because of its proximity to just about everything and the desired North East Independent School District.  

Those are just a few of the desired locations in and around San Antonio, TX.  Don't fret if you didn't buy a house there.  There are LOTS of desired areas all around this great city such as Schertz, Cibolo and New Braunfels.  In fact Bexar and her surrounding counties have a bunch to offer making this city a GREAT place to Buy and Sell!  Good News, but it needs to be done correctly to get it done at all.  

The second area that must be mentioned and really thought about is your pricing strategy.  This, some say, is the most important area in selling your home and one of the most important things I can do for you as your Realtor® in the form of a Comparative Market Analysis.  Here is the issue, when you buy real estate, you have a certain expectation that it will bring you some measure of financial security.  Buying a home is thought to be an investment.  When one sells an investment, one would hope that they would make a gain, not a loss on their investment.  The problem is however, that if you don't have a lot of equity in your investment the return may be minimal, if any.  What does all that fancy talk mean?  It means that you will NOT be able to sell your home for MORE than it's worth.  There used to be a time where people were able to buy a home and then turn around and sell it for a major profit.  Those days are GONE.  Consumers are not going to pay more for your home when they can probably get a similar home for less.  

If you want to sell your home, you must price it competitively.  It is imperative.  If you like, click HEREfor pricing tips. As I said before, if you don't have a lot of equity, then you may either break even on your investiment or you may pay some out of pocket.  This is just the harsh truth of today's Real Estate Market and there is LOTS of inventory for Buyers to choose from.  Price is just one thing that will make your home stand out.  If you price too high, then your house will sit there on the market for a long, long time.  More than likely, this will end up costing you more.  As your Realtor®, we will work together in coming up with the right pricing strategy for you to sell your home for as top dollar as you can sell it.    

The next area of selling that we will discuss is Timing.  Sometimes, we don't have a lot of control over this.  None-the-less, though, timing is important.  People tend to buy more during the early summer months.  That is just when people tend to move and as you may or may not know, that is when a lot of military do their PCS moves, (Permanent Change of Station).  The government has also created some Timing opportunities for you sellers in the form of an $8000.00 First Time Buyer tax credit!  As long as you have priced your home correctly these first time buyers should be coming out of the woodwork!  They don't have to have actually bought their first home either.  If a particular buyer hasn't bought a home in the last three years, they qualify too!   This is GREAT news; however, it has a Time Limit of December 1st, 2009.   This means that they have to close on your home by the first to qualify.  You may be thinking to yourself at this point, it's now going to be August, have I missed the boat?  No, you haven't missed the boat.  There are still lots of buyers out there looking for YOUR home!  

On to area numero four.  Opportunity.  Here is the next most important area I can do for you as your Realtor®.  I create the opportunity for buyers to buy your home, with the Marketing that I do.  For people to buy your home and for you to ulitmately sell it, they have to be able to Find it and see it.  I create the desire for buyers to buy your home.  Check out my Featured Listings Pageto see what I do for my home sellers!  Buyers typically start their home search on the Internet as it's convenient and they can narrow down their search pretty quickly.  With my Website,  your home will feature on over 35 different search engines!  Not only that, I feature your listing on and provide it a virtual tour!   Basically, I do all I can to put your home in front of the Buyer.   The next part is on you...

What do you mean, me?  Yes You.  On to number five, Seller Participation!  Yep, you have a job too.  It takes a partnership between you and your Realtor® to get your home SOLD.  You must prepare your home for buyers to want to BUY it.  Start thinking of what you would look for in a home.  Is your home clean?  Are there any repairs that need to be made?  Does it look ready to sell?  Try to think like a buyer.  Walk into your home and try to be objective.  Would you buy your home?  Click HERE to see some tips on how to prepare your home for selling.  As your Realtor® I can advise you on some other ideas on how to get your home ready to sell.

All Right, there you have it.  Five ways on How to Sell Your Home in  San Antonio, TX.  With The Right Location, The Right Price, The Right Time, The Right Opportunity and most importantly, The Right Realtor® along with your participation, you can sell your home!  Good Luck and Thanks for Reading!! 


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How to Sell Your Home in San Antonio, Texas
How to Sell Your Home in San Antonio, TX… Single family homes across San Antonio, TX had approximately 1, 612 sales in May of this year. The average price of the homes were $185, 116 and the average median price was $152, 200. I am telling you… more